About the Game

There are 37 real poker chips per board, each printed with a different statement. 

Each board has 37 squares, each row with a different positive or negative value.

The players collaborate against the clock to evaluate the statements by ranking them in a special grid.

There is an infinite number of kick-off instructions to be chosen by the facilitator, but we suggest several that really stimulate well, for example:

‘Imagine you had a younger brother whose safety you were worried about. What is the best advice through to the worst advice for keeping him safe? How would your advice differ from a police officer? Would it change if it was for a younger sister?’

‘Here’s a set of things boys and girls said they didn’t like. What do you think are the things they would least like? Now, which things do you think happen most often? What things would you always tell a teacher or parent about?’

the statements

Both Risqibiznis and Qsorted comprise batteries of statements carefully devised for the purpose. Some might appear irrelevant, but these are important contextualising pieces that help our analysis.

Along with these ‘contextualisers’ are included pieces chosen for their ‘constructed ambiguity’. These statements deliberately promote discussion about their actual or preferred meanings, thereby eliciting deeper understanding of the players’ worlds by the facilitators and analysts.

All the statements are designed to offer a wide range of perspectives on the topics, carefully avoiding inflammatory or offensive terminology, but retaining clarity about some very difficult issues.

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